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christmas dinner

i have pics from christmas dinner. if you want, ask me. if you know others who want, share =)

so let me do a little update on the dinner. altho the restaurant is a little small, and we had to wait for an hour... heheh i was very satisfied with the night. esp. with the seating. first off all, we didnt have to sit in two tables =) and i noticed that since it's such a small restaurant, it wouldnt matter hahah and second of all, the seating was VERY nice. i looked around and i'm like "Wow, good job everyone" i am really satisfied with that. the gifts were cool. thanks elaine! i'm gonna wear it on christmas eve! hehe i think everyone liked their gifts, or so they seemed... except my secret santa hahahah ;P there is always a gift receipt! heheh i like the restaurant vanilla creme dessert whatever. GOOD STUFF ;D OH YEAH, i was having fun blinding ppl =) and i have pictures to prove it too hahahahahahahah fun. i have a lot of pics of ppl making funny faces. and yo i wanted a group pic, what happened there?! lol

well but it was good ;D i got my daughter some flowers =) (she asked for them! hehe be careful what you ask for) and i got a really nice gift from a really special person hehe thank you ;P and i wanna apologize to some ppl about not joining them to the bar. =) i know you understand.

oh yeah, this is cool, check it out
and when you figure out how it's done
tell me, i know i have a few freinds who can figure it out ;)
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