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drinking age. eating lots

so, i was talking to a new coworker about new years. he's from new zealand and is just here temporarily. so he said that he cant go to a club because he's 19. i mentioned how there are 18 and over clubs and he gave a look and said, "but there is no drinking. we dont dance. it sucks because in my country, we can drink at the age of 18" and i thought, hey man, that's for a lot of places. but for america? in america, we gotta be over 21. i wonder why. is it because that americans are just not mature enough to handle alcohol till they are 21 and oveR? haha

on another note, everyone knows how i eat a lot right. and eric eats a lot too. and all we ever do is eat hehehe so after work, we went to kowloon tong to eat. and being me, i'm the kind of person that has a "wide eye but small stomach," we, just me and him, ordered waffles, chicken wings with fries (3), mixed fruits with mango juice, mixed fruits with strawberry juice with tapioca, fried eggs with luncheon meat with instant noodles (that was eric lol), and homemade sesame dumpling. and this is just for the two of us. and the waitress said, "is that it?" i dunno why, i thought that was funny, we thought it was funny... lol but yeah we finished it all bwhahaha

btw, i think eric should lay off the mixed fruits with strawberry juice with tapioca... he was literally bouncing around afterwards. literally lol
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