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another survey

stole this from miss_rogue who stole it from boundandbroken

1) using band names, spell out your name:
e - evanescence
l - lmf
i - ..........? a little help lol
z - ?!?!?!
a - atomic kitten

2) have you ever had a song written about you? not about me but with my name. lol
3) what song makes you cry? i think the video from kiss - because i'm a girl lol
4) what song makes you happy? any maroon5 song! lol
5) what do you like to listen to before bed? dido - white flag

height? 5'6½" i swear to you that half is always there
hair color? black but i think it has some red streaks?
skin color? uhm... yellow? ;P
eye color? brown
piercings? none, not too fond of piercings
tattoos? ;P maybe one day

what color pants are you wearing? gray fleece
what song are you listening to? Utada Hikaru - shiawase ni narou
what taste is in your mouth? saliva hahaha
what's the weather like? cold
get motion sickness? sometimes if i've been on too many rollercoaster rides lol
have a bad habit? to tell you i would have to kill you lol
get along with your parents? most of the time ;P
like to drive? i try not to drive ahahah

TV show? sex and the city, six feet under, friends, will and grace
conditioner? i dont use one
book? juniper game
non alcoholic drink? thai ice tea
alcoholic drink? uhhhmm... they all suck hahahah
thing to do on the weekend? spending time with friends =) or a special someone ;)

broken the law? errrr if you're never caught it's not breaking the law ;P
ran away from home? naw way, lol
snuck out of the house? naw, i'm a good furl
ever gone skinny dipping? yeah but i was little lol
made a prank phone call? back in the day, when i was more immature ;P
ever tipped over a porta potty? ewww lol no
used your parents' credit card before? nope, we share an account =) it has my name on it bwhahah
skipped school before? you swear you havent!
fell asleep in the shower/bath? nope, i can sleep anywhere but i dont wanna drown myself lol
been in a school play? yeah a few times. i was born for the stage! lol jk

girlfriend? sorry, elaine and i broke up LOL
sexuality? straight
kids? i have three lol
crush? guess who LOL
been in love? thought so =)
had a hard time getting over someone? probably
been hurt? of course, what involves love probably involves hurt
your greatest regret? [blank]
gone out with someone you only knew for three days? on a date? i think yes

do you have a job? sigh, yes
what does your cd player have in it right now? i dont even know where my cd player is LOL
if you were a crayon what color would you be? orange or red
what makes you happy? sleeping, eating and eric
who makes you happiest? look above
what's the next cd you're gonna get? i dont buy cds anymore haha probably gonna be a cd for my sister

time you cried? last night, i was watching a movie hehe
you got a real letter? i got cards lol
you got e-mail? today from john
thing you purchased? does food count? i guess the last item i purchase was a dvd?
tv program you watched? ohh man... id ont watch tv anymore... i think it was a glips of that show where you go into the person's room before you date them... dunno what it's called
movie you saw in the theater? "bad santa"

abortion? i dont have the heart to kill my own flesh and blood, thank you
teenage smoking? smoking in general is bad
spice girls? where they go? lol
dreams? "dont laugh at people's dreams, people without dreams dont have much"

[5 things you are wearing]
1. lucky charm bracelet
2. my necklace ;D
3. black tanktop
4. gray fleece pants
5. undewear

[5 things you can see]
1. monitor
2. empty waddle
3. maroon5 sin pin
4. scissors
5. mouse

[5 things you are doing right now]
1. this survey
2. listening to music
3. being cold LOL
4. itching
5. being entertained by this lol

[5 things you ate in the last 24 hours]
1. vietnamese sandwich
2. popcorn
3. five spiece rice plate
4. grilled halibut!
5. bread! whoo!

[5 things you did so far today]
1. ate lunch
2. went to work LOL not working tho
3. checked email
4. changed
5. talked on the phone

[5 things you can hear right now]
1. evanescence
2. typing
3. my computer
4. people walking upstairs
5. thoughts in my head lol

[5 colors you can see]
1. red
2. white
3. brown
4. black
5. green

[Four beverages you drink frequently]
1. water
2. vanilla creme from starbucks
3. thai ice tea lol
4. tea

[Four TV shows you liked when you were a little kid]
damn i dont remember the name of the shows...
1. the one with alex max?? uhm...
2. the one with eve and how she can freeze time?? out of this world!!
3. are you afriad of the dark
4. rugrats lol

[Four places to go in your area (3 miles radius)]
1. golden gate park
2. the beach
3. washington high school LOl
4. the middle school, presideo

[Four things you do when you're bored]
1. go online
2. go out and chill
3. watch movies
4. sleep

[Four things/persons that never fail to cheer you up]
1. maroon5
2. eric
3. martin
4. brian

[Four things you can't live without]
1. music
2. computer/online
3. food
4. my bed lol

today eric woke me up to go eat lunch. we went to little paris and had sandwiches. then he went to work and now i'm home lol

[Seven things you love]
1. maroon5
2. sleep
3. food
4. cute small things
5. my friends
6. my family
7. shopping

[Seven things you dislike]
1. being cold
2. stupid/mean people
3. being broke
4. being accused of something i didnt do
5. people who dont love themselves
6. ppl who are not openminded
7. immature ppl

[10 things u like in a guy]
1. sense of humor/ can take a joke
2. sensitive
3. openminded
4. genuinely friendly
5. confidence
6. cleanliness
7. not afraid of what ppl think
8. emotionally mature
9. child at heart, but serious when need-be <-- whoo!
10. respectful/ has manners
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