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fun weekend =)

once again, taken from </a></b></a>oneworldonelove

i love how many of these things she has LoL

cut it just in case ppl dont wanna read it

five details about your appearance right now.

[x] pink and white 2/3 sleeves
[x] capris jeans
[x] no shoes or socks
[x] no makeup
[x] 2/3 everything lol

five things you did today.

[x] tomb raider 2
[x] blade 2
[x] sleep sleep sleep
[x] ate dinner with weaver's mother
[x] saw der, on and denys walk out of the cafe while i got droven home! LOL

five things that everyone should know about you.

[x] i like to sleep a lot
[x] i like maroon5
[x] i like to watch movies
[x] i like to go online
[x] i listen even if it doesnt seem like it

five groups/artists you listened to yesterday.

[x] maroon5
[x] michelle branch
[x] these chinese music in denys' car
[x] norah jones
[x] jamiroquai

five things that make you happy.

[x] weaver
[x] maroon5
[x] chatting
[x] my weird friends
[x] buying stuff

five things that disgust you.

[x] racism
[x] lies
[x] prejudice
[x] selfish people
[x] fakers

five things you cant live without.

[x] computer with internet access
[x] music
[x] family
[x] friends
[x] clothes

five things you'll do when you complete this.

[x] update this journal
[x] shower
[x] watch cowboy beebop
[x] chat for "a while"
[x] dl some movies and songs

Five things you feel right now...

[x] sleepy
[x] happy
[x] calm
[x] confused about this application! lol
[x] missing

i just wanna say that some ppl here dont read my journal fully!! lol because i did put in my previous entry that i dont have 20 lj friends and i will just name a few freinds in general, explaining my 13 friends out of 10 and how some dont even own lj. but no one seemed to noticed that lol i did do another one that actually followed the rules but lj went stupid on me and i lost everything. once again i forgot to write it first on notepad and then copy and paste so if lj goes stupid, i dont have to retype it... oh wells

wanna say happy birthday to </a></a>anthontae</b> even tho i dont think he reads my journal haha! but why not. go give him a shout out. last night was fun, i hoped he had fun, i sure did =) was on a natural high when i started to mess with the camera. i need to get myself a digital camera lol whoo more saving after m5 headlining LOL because i'll sure be spending a lot on that.

ok, so this weekend has been pretty busy and it's not even ending yet. brief summary of the past few days on what i did:


great amercica was fun hehe i havent talked to alex in forever. the double date was great! LOL alex and karla are soo cute together. got into great america for free =P with a little bit of connections. go me! hehe we went on a few rides. all i gotta say is that stealth is ONE FREAKY RIDE. FRICKING SCARY. i was so scared i'll fall off. i think that's what made it so popular. i love the drop zone tho ahahah that was fun. weaver saw some ducktape used on the wires. and he HAD to point it out right before we went on it. that didnt make it any more easier to get on. and karla was saying how a kid died on it... something about how he's a little slow and on top he decided he didnt wanna go on the ride, so he took his seatbelt off.. and well.. you see where this is going. she's like "just dont sit on the other side, he fell there" LOL and you know what?!?! they have those photobooths! well they werent exactly black and white, the orginial ones, but they come close. we ended the day by watching "28 days later." i think for an independent film, it was good. kinda scary. but i WISH i saw the twisted ending!! weaver and i were reading the newspaper together about how it had a twisted ending after the credits. so i made alex and karla wait for it... IT NEVER SHOWED! WTF oh wells. but anyways, the day started off crappy but ended up that everything went just fine. the crappy part was actually a good thing


celebrated anthony's birthday. we didnt really meet up at the cheesecake until 630 tho. saw my classmate there, went to say "hi" and he made me a free drink =P yay! he works at the bar. whoo hoo. der was like "why didnt you wait for me!? free alcohol drink!" oh wells LOL that mango was still good. man, i dunno how it came about, but according to heather, i started it? ALL 5 of us ended up ordering the SAME ENTREE. LOL that was kinda weird. at first it was just all of us but anthony, he ordered first. and when all of us ordered the same, he's like "might as well change mine to that also" LOL so that's what happened. the steak was alright. i think b/c i had steak the day before (WHICH WAS GREAT) that i found the cheesecake one ok. and then anthony goes all out in telling us about this steakhouse that makes the best steak ever, etc etc and denys kept going, "Ohh we gotta go there" when we were done, i went to the bar to say goodbye to my friend. but there are always so many ppl there trying to order. i kept waving my hand up to get his attention, and this old man asked, "Minnie mouse, what are you doing?" (i was wearing my CAT beanie) i think he thought i was trying to order when i look under age, esp. with my beanie... or that i'm trying to cut. whatever. the first thing i said to him was, "I'M A CAT! mouse have round ears, these are pointy." and then i explained to him how i just wanna say goodbye. shesh. get off my back lol

pool was fun. der was having fun playing with denys' camera on his phone. we took hella weird pictures hahahah and then anthony brought his camera out and we just basically took a lot of pictures. i have to say that i am very talented. yes i am lol. that got me on a natural high. and anthony mentioned how we dont even need alcohol to get to this point. "just give them a camera and they're happy. your liver would be happy and it's cheaper too" =)


basically i didnt do much. just went to watch tomb raider 2. then saw blade 2. tomb raider 2 was alright. saw "lum tat wa" i think that's how you spell it. LOL der said she only wanted to watch it because of him. well he does have a bigger role that i expected, but still not too big. lol after we know he's never coming back, weaver said, "i bet heather's gonna stop watching it after this" lol blade 2 was cool. fell asleep halfway tho hahahah and then before i know it, it's 9. wtf? his mom decided that she wanna treat us dinner. i went to chipole again. i think i finally found what i like to eat there the most. i can honestly say i like it better than gordos hehe sorry ken.

so how's your weekend?

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