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fun weekend =)

once again, taken from </a></b></a>oneworldonelove

i love how many of these things she has LoL

cut it just in case ppl dont wanna read it

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i just wanna say that some ppl here dont read my journal fully!! lol because i did put in my previous entry that i dont have 20 lj friends and i will just name a few freinds in general, explaining my 13 friends out of 10 and how some dont even own lj. but no one seemed to noticed that lol i did do another one that actually followed the rules but lj went stupid on me and i lost everything. once again i forgot to write it first on notepad and then copy and paste so if lj goes stupid, i dont have to retype it... oh wells

wanna say happy birthday to </a></a>anthontae</b> even tho i dont think he reads my journal haha! but why not. go give him a shout out. last night was fun, i hoped he had fun, i sure did =) was on a natural high when i started to mess with the camera. i need to get myself a digital camera lol whoo more saving after m5 headlining LOL because i'll sure be spending a lot on that.

ok, so this weekend has been pretty busy and it's not even ending yet. brief summary of the past few days on what i did:

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so how's your weekend?

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