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do you know

do you know that i love to write? it really didnt matter what i wrote about, i just love to write. sometimes when i'm bored, i'll just write. and if i dunno what to write about, i'll jsut copy whatever i see. or write a song. whatever that comes to mind. it's just about writing.

a long time ago i used to keep journals. like real ones that you have to write in. personal ones. i stopped writing in them after i started to write online journals. i'm just too lazy to type out my day online and then write it in my journal for the same day. it's like what's the point?

but today, my ex called me and said "hey do you remember when we dated?" yeah i still talk to all my exes. sometimes my ex and i are sorta the same in some ways. during the time we were dating, he kept a journal too. he came across it today. so he was reading through some of it. cant remember most of it hahaha but it's all good. and he said "maybe i should start writing in it again, so i can look back at it 10 years later."

and so he made me bring out my journals... and i decided... maybe i should do the same. i love to write anyways.

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