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i just came back from poker night. that was fun even tho i lost. haha. whatever tho right. hehe i think i'm gettign good with blackjack. it's a skill man!! hahahah but i need help with texas holdem. is that how you spell it? anyways, same time next week?! hahaha ok maybe a little earlier please lol next time i might have to work the next day.

so anyways, i was eating lunch with eric today at bangkok garden and there were these two old ladies sitting at the table beside us. ok, they werent really that old... maybe in their mid 40's early 50's? i dunno, i could be wrong. but anyways, they were so close that i cant help but easedrop on their conversations every once in a while. and boy man. some of the thigns they say, "melissa sure had changed a lot." "blah blah didnt change at all, i would think that she would be the tallest out of us, but she's not even taller than me." "remember your wedding?" and i'm sitting there thinking, "wow, i wish when i'm at that age, i have a friend to say 'remember your wedding?' to" or something along the line. i mean just by the way they talk about things, it seems like they've known each other for a long time right? i dunno maybe it's me hahah but then again, i've known some ppl for quite a while now too... maybe it's time to give them a call hahah and go, "remember when we..." hahaha i'm getting old

on another note, today my husband woke me up and we chatted for a while. i'm sure i've mentioned this before, but it's always nice to talk to brian. always a laugh. and he said somethign that i guess is sweet if we were for reals but funny if we're not. he said that getting married is a lifetime thing and when he said he wont get in a divorce with me, he means it LOL whatever that means lol that's after him saying that he married me for a reason hahahah i'm so happy that i have a husband like that ;D

and also when i was checking my email a few mins ago, i came across a xanga email of my fiance's journal. and behold, there were pictures haha everytime i look at martin's face, it reminds me of the short but nice time we've spent together... i havent spoken to him in a while too. i should call him hahah because he makes me laugh also. (see a pattern going on? ;P) i think that since i've taken the time and money to see maroon5 for a day or two... it shouldnt be a problem for me to take money out to see martin too... when he moves out of his parent's house so i can stay over his place hahah because we both know that his parents wouldnt let me stay over LOL but i'm glad that if brian and i dont work out, i have martin hahahah altho, brian just told me we'll never have a divorce ahahahahah

and last but not least, i also have eric, whom i've spent everyday together. i dont remember the last time we havent seen each other. and let's just say, he spoils me to death. ;D but i'm gonna stop bragging now hahahah i have a great husband, fiance and boyfriend hahahahahahahah i'm so spoiled. ;)

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