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fucking a

let me bitch for a while.

first off, i just purchased tickets for gavin degraw's concert in sf. good shit right? well almost. fucking, it's 21+. that means heather and jos cannot get in. wtf. they are like the biggest gavin degraw fans i know! it's not the same without them! they need fake ids.

second, i thought paypal was easy. but shit, i keep making mistakes. because i canceled my wells fargo bank account a while back and opened a washington mutual one. and fo ra while i didnt touch paypal... and then one day i had to pay for some ebay stuff, so i did my usual thing... only to realized afterwards that i didnt update the fucking account. AHHHHHHHH!!! well i called them and it's all good... they said that this will happen and then this will happen and then in the end, i'll just have to pay them through my paypal account. ok cool, i'll just transfer money to my paypal account... no big deal. and best of all, no fee.

so i did just that. only to fucking realized that i asked wells fargo to transfer money instead of washington mutual. maybe it's the "w"s? well anyways. FUCKING SHIT, i really gotta slow down , do things a little slower (yes, i am aware that those two are practically the same thing) and STOP READING THINGS HALF WAY. kljasflkajflakdjfklasdjflaskjfaklsdjf

i guess i have to give them another call tomorrow. *frown*
(p.s. i'm not really infuriated... but i like the face hehe for beign pissed)

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