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i dreamt about maroon5 the other day. i havent dreamt of maroon5 in a long while. maybe because i saw them so much hahaha i didnt need to dream about them to make up for the withdraws. i had no withdraws... but well.. yeah i do now hahah. but anyways, that just explain why i've been getting dreams about them two days straight in a row.

what the dreams were all about really isnt the point of this entry, as some of you probably already noticed. i dreamt of all five of them, not just a selective few... or a particular one. but what made these dreams so special as opposed to the dreams i had of them the other times was that they both had something similar. both times, jesse was very rude to me. before, in my dreams, he would be sweet. but maybe because of how my image of him changed along the year... i really dont know how to explain it... but just that he's not how i thought he would be. or maybe he changed?

to be honest, we all know i dont know him very well hahahah but just yeah... it's not the same anymore... whatever. i still love them, you know. maroon5. and probably always will hahaha but yeah, sometimes my dreams come true, and i hope this one doesnt.
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