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so i was talking to my coworker about how i am graduating soon. and she suggested that i take on a minor since it's only 20 units. HMMMM. that's like another semester. what do you think? then i'll just take summer school also? and then hm... i dunno how that's gonna work out hahaha

but anyways, the private concert was good. we were basically spoiled bwhahaha VIP baby. i would show you the card but uh... it's in eric's car... along with everythign else hahah damnit. oh wells. i can get it later ;P

oh yeah! so about the show. let's just say, maroon5, acoustic, on the beach, in the sun, 10 mins after they turned platinum. cant get any better? you say? well it did lol we got vip passes to sit in front of everyone hahahaha i was actually a little embarrassed about that when m5 walked out. they must've been thinking, "wtf?! they even got themselves VIP?" haha the tour manager was like "you girls always managed to scam your way in!" after he came up to me and i showed him my vip pass. but we corrected him and said that we won a contest!! ahahah

and let's just say that what's his name doesnt knwo what he's getting himself into when he promised MOSL the thing they wanted the most. they are so gonna hunt him down for that and take his word for it hahahahah i'm glad all the girls had fun. and it was nice to add in a little member to our group ;) just hope she'll grow older enough to travel with us ;D, then we'll actually be MROSLZ or something hahah!

it's kinda sad right. beacuse right after the show, they came out to talk to ppl and sign stuff... take pictures. and for a good fifteen mins, i was standing there wondering if i should get autographs or not. i didnt even bother with pictures with them, which i should've... oh wells. there were too many ppl. i dont like to be crowded, i stood on top of the stairways lol. but yeah, i have so many autos, i hesitated in getting it. isnt that sad? haha but then i looked at my vip pass and i thought "it looked empty and lonely" so i pushed my way through the waves of girls and got them bwhahah

my sister is gettign so good with these whole graphic things. she made me this. isnt it cool?

but i cant upload it on lj. i think it's too big of a file =(
oh yeah! der, it is only 12... that's it... for both =)

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