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isnt it ironic?

so yeah, i wanna do a quick update before bed because i think i'll probably forget this tomorrow. today my coworker was ringing this guy up for a pair of noise canceling headphones... they were $179.99. his gf then came over and said, "you're buying $200 headphones?" "yeah" "why are you buying $200 headphones?! why cant you just buy one of those $3 ones?!" and he replied calmly and softly, "that is why you're not paying for them." now the first thing i noticed after she said that was her purse. her pretty big LV purse. you see where this is going.

and when they left, i said to my coworker, "dude?! what was up with that?! she's complaining about his headphones when she's carrying a $500 bag!"
and my coworker replied, "oh no, i saw that bag before, it's $1000."
like really, wtf is up with that hahaha
and i said, "he probably paid for that bag too!"
"by the way she was talking, i'm almost certain he did"
(i said this before and i'll say it again, i am glad that i'm not a guy LOL because there will never be a guy out there who's like this)

and afterwards when i was telling john this story, he said something to me that i found extremely funny. he asked me if i found it ironic how he's buying noise canceling headphones while she blabbles. lolololol

now that's funny. ok i'm off to bed
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