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another quickie

so i have about ten mins before class... just decided to do a little quickie. sorry to sa and lok about asking to join them and didnt because it's just tooo far hahah i noticed since my class is in hum and their lab is like in business. but anyways, i was reading der's journal and noticed how she also put up that poem that's on sa's journal. the translated version that is, thanks to sa. so i decided that after getting sa's approval, i'll put it up on mine too hehehe here it is.

in the lifetime of searching for love, every person will find four people:

the first is yourself,
the second is the person you love the most,
the third is the person who loves you the most,
the fourth is the person you spend the rest of your life with.

first, you'll meet the person you love the most, and then you'll know the feeling of love; because you understand the feeling of being loved
then you'll discover the person who loves you the most;
when you experience what it's meant to love and be loved, learn what love is, then you'll know what it is that you need,
and then you'll find the person who's most compatible with you, who you can spend the rest of your life with.
but sadly, in reality, these three people usually are not the same person;
-the one you love most, often does not choose you;
-the one who loves you most, often is not the one you love most;
-and the one that's forever, is neither the one you love most or the one who loves you most, but the person who appeared at the appropriate time.

which one of these people are you in others' lives?

i wonder... hmm...
but anyways, it's so sad but true. *cries* lol
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