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i think i work there too much. all the songs they play over and over again... it has been engraved in my head. esp. that NOW dvd they kept playing. i have evancense's "going under" (or something) stuck in my head. (is that how you spell it?) and just about a few hours ago, i had another song stuck in my head from that same dvd. all i know is the title of the song, "it's gotta be more than life" or something. help. it's some kind of working disorder or something. sometimes i wake up to JLo. how sad huh lol pity me. now i have ANOTHER song from that NOW dvd. it's driving me insane. i guess it's like that because the dvd is always playing in my area. so yeah, i'm stick. and of course, it gotta be on repeat. and they play it everyday.... and i cant play my own stuff in my area *sad*

anyways, m5's heather called me today and told me that utah was being postponed. m5 is going on SNL. it's actually a really good thing... but sucks for us because we gotta change the plane tickets, get time off work AGAIN and blah blah blah. UGH. SUCKS>!!! but yeah... my manager said it's ok. whew. so i just hope he remembers he said that next month LOL oh yeah which reminds me. today all the manager had some huge ass meeting that went on forever or something. scary stuff. lol so when i foudn out about that news, i hesitated a little in telling him. i was literally hiding behind this webcam box i was holding LOL while i told him. thank God he seemed ok about it. whew

anyways, look, i found a new icon. isnt it cool? lol
thanks to </a></b></a>sabishii_icons
they have a few good aim icons for lj icons. go check it out.
shit, why am i still up?
i better sleep, i'm getting a little delirious

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