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happy (be-lated) valentine's day!

so yeah, i'm about two hours late. but wahtever hehe. today was nice =) amazingly everything that i expected happened. =) well except for that lame ass part with cheesecake factory... thank god, we didnt end up waiting there. three to four hours. hah. whatever. but yeah. nevertheless overall, the day went good. =)

anyways, whether or not you have someone to spend today with... it really doesnt matter. it's really how you look at it. and as most ppl would say, "it's just any other day! you dont need a holiday to tell the one you love them that you love them!" lol they are right, and it's true. and i've always been mutual to this holiday. but... uh... yeah... getting back to my point, whether a day is good or not really doesnt depend on what it says on the calendar... but how you look at it.

happy valentine's day. and i hope for the ppl that have someone to spend it with to have a lovely day. and for the ppl that dont, just remember, there is someone out there who wish they were spending it with you. ;)

and if that still doesnt bring a smile to your face, here is a post on the boards from james valentine from maroon5:

okay, growing up with the last name "valentine" has meant all kinds of ridicule my entire life around this time of year, but happy valentine's day to all of you nonetheless. despite the fact that i do not have a valentine on this special day, i am very excited to be joining our friend john [mayer] on tour in vancouver today. maybe he will cuddle with me tonight. we'll see you guys out on the road soon. . .


and you wonder why i love them so much? lol
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