hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
hold me and don't let go


beeep beep beepppp beeep whoo hmmm i should be sleeping. well anyways, i just finished watching Hook. it's cool. my sister and i are in this whole peter pan trance thing right now. lol i cant wait to the dvd to come out. lol today i opened the dvd player and saw the peter pan soundtrack in it. and i thought it was the dvd. i freaked out. like "wtf? how did you get it?" lol the funny thing is, peter pan is my least favorite cartoon from disney. hahahahaah but i guess i really like the new version of peter pan. it must be jeremy... even tho he's like freaking 14. damn i'm some sick molestor LOL jk.

anyways, news flash if anyone cares, jet li will be at my work on tues. from 6 pm to 10 pm. yay? i guess? lol i mean i've never seen him in person. so that's always cool. wheeee what have the world come to? a jet li video game lol. but yeah, i'll be opening, so i get to see him after work i guess? just take a glimce. not even sure if i want an autograph... maybe? i guess we'll see. but it is pretty cool, i've practically grew up with his movies.

i'm not quite sure where this journal entry is going. i'm just kinda rambling because i feel like typing. bwhahahahahahahah but i got school in about eight hours. and it's raining. BoOoOoO~!! i hate the rain. argh. i hope it doesnt rain tomorrow =( oh yeah, isnt der supposed to call me?!?! lol ok i better go now...

but before i go, der always say i have A.D.D. so i think this icon matches me hehehe. i'm sure everyone has seen it. but have you seen it as a lj icon?!?! i think not! lol (or maybe you have lol whatever) but i better go now. and to end this entry. i will quote from the movie, Hook. i think it's pretty nice. Tinkerbell, julia roberts, was telling Peter, robbin williams, this in the end of the movie:

you know that place between asleep and awake?
that place where you still remember dreaming?
that's where i'll always love you, peter pan.
that's where i'll be waiting.

good night

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