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i wanna say sorry to kevin because i actually kept telling myself that i'll thank him in my entry but i didnt =( sorry! but anyways, thanks for the ride, kevin!

you know the whole day today, i know this is sick, but my saliva tastes really sweet. like i'm just tasting my saliva the whole morning. i dunno what it is. must be the protien shake i had. hehehe i should drink it more. because it's really nice hahahah i know it sounds nasty, but it's actually really nice. lol

but yeah, gettig back to getting driven... today i dont get a ride to school because eric has to open. so whatever i could take the bus. but it's fricking raining. so i'm lying in bed and almost didnt go to school because i dont have a ride hahahah i'm so bad! so i had to wake up my dad and ask if he could give me a ride. and he did. damn i'm spoiled. to a point where i hesitated in going to school because i dont get a ride. i really gotta stop that. but the stupid bus is a pain tho. and i have to wait in the rain? lol

but whatever. anyways, i know carlos read this sometimes, so i just wanna tell him, i finally figure out how to tie a box with the ribbon NOT crossed on the bottom but FLAT. YES, you heard me!! i've done it bwhahahah! but i cheated. while i was waiting to exchange my gift at tiffany's, i saw the sale lady do it twice in front of me bwhahahah. well she wasnt wrapping my gift, but i was spying on her. hehehe so now i know how to wrap a box with the ribbon flat on the bottom and not crossed. hehehehe. cool. i'll show you one day, carlos.

i'm just glad that my last class is canceled hehehehe because my teacher have to go to some teacher's convenion or whatnot. so i would be done with school by four today. yay! i just wish that i rented something to watch at home... or i hope my mom rented videos. *cross fingers* but yeah... uh... i still have about 15 mins. maybe 10 more mins online and then i'll go. yeeeaaaah. i'll surf the net now ;D but before i go, i'll tell you something really funny. this computer browser does NOT, i repeat, does NOT have a back button. it's idle. ALL the time. like wtf. lol. i miss my mouse, with it's nice back button feature on it heheeh gotta thank jonathan for that ;D my MOUSE DO NOT SUCK! lol kevin. and yes i did change my keyboard, if you're wondering.

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