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just for ken, that is my screaming "AH!" and not my big relief "ah!" LOL jk anyways last night my computer was lagging... so i decided to restart my computer. but my computer wouldnt turn off. so i held the "on" button and turned it off that way. then after it's off, i immediately turned it on... it turned on... yeah... but my monitor didnt respond. fucking shit?! turned it off again, and turned it on. nothing. my optical mouse is not light on. my keyboard doesnt respond when i press the num lock button. i've tried unplugging the computer, the monitor, the monitor from the computer. nothing works!

goddamn. so i gotta go have to call a tech guy up. but my computer is built for me... so i'll probably be calling a few freinds that are good with computers up. and possibly call jonathan because he built it for me. yeah jonathan, i know i havent talked to you in a while... but you might hear from me tonight lol i'm gonna have to use my brother's computer for now. but he always complain about how loud my typing is, it's the keyboard i tell ya! lol my sister said that it sounds like it's raining when i type on that LOL maybe if i slow down with the typing...

edited: thank you jonathan for fixing it. ;D

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