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how it all started

today while i checked out maroon5's message board... i noticed that there was a new tour diary. it was subject as "good friends." i think it is by far teh longest... or one of the longest tour diarys jesse ever wrote. it was how kara's flowers got started lol i decided that i need to save it somewhere. and where is it best but to save it on my journal? you could read it if you want. but let me just warn you, it's long. but nevertheless, worth reading. but if you dont, that's ok too lol because it's here for my own keeping ;)


I knew that I was really emotional when I cried during the in flight movie presentation of School of Rock, starring jack black as the most endearing, inspirational figure in the history of motion pictures...
I think I must be getting my period...
But I think the real reason that it touched me so much was because the little kids on stage were having so much fun, and they were so young... and their parents were so proud... and ... and jack was so proud...
Anyway I can really relate that because of how young we were when we started playing music with each other...
Here's a little mini-history of the band... print it out... it can be our new official bio as far as I'm concerned...

I met adam and mickey when i was 7th grade... and we started playing music together when I was in 8th grade... adam taught me how to palm mute in math class... and we had two bands with different drummers called Mostly Men and Edible Nuns... But then we met ryan when we were in 9th grade... and one day at a school pep rally i asked him if he wanted to play drums with mickey adam and I on the song "them bones" by alice in chains... he'd never played with us before... but we knew of him as the cool drummer who was 2 years older than us... as in... 16...
as in... a driver. very cool. So we started playing more cover songs at school and then on that fateful february 6th of the year 1994 we snuck out of ryan's parent's house after an evening of inspirational hollywood music at the troubadour on santa monica blvd. This was the first time adam and ryan and I had really all hung out together... and we were deciding that night to form a band. Since it happened to be our friend Kara's birthday that night, we purchased some flowers from a street walking flower vendor (at 3:00 in the morning)... and somehow found Kara's house using our school directory, information service, and a hollywood map. Then we delivered the flowers and note confessing that we all thought kara was beatiful (I wrote the note... how cute is it that I misspelled beautiful? Adorable...). And as you might have guessed... this was the night that Kara's Flowers the band was formed. The next day by the way we asked our badass bass playing friend mickey to join, and the four of us were officially a band.

So then that summer we made a record called We Like Digging in our friend's attic ... (This friend of ours is now making films... his name is Noah Gershman... remember that name!!!) We sold over 500 copies of that baby around our high school and the hollywood club scene... (where we coincidentally later that year met a newly formed Phantom Planet... whose story closely mirrors ours... and who are an awesome band... and if any of you don't know who phantom planet is... go check them out) Then we wrote some new songs... and on new years eve 1994 we had a three song demo tape (recorded at Room 222 studios in Hollywood) and we were playing a party at a friend of a friend's malibu beach house. While we were playing the party, a producer who happened to be out walking his dog along the beach heard us from the water's edge, and ventured up to see who we were.

From this man, Tommy Allan and his partner John Dinicola, we got an independent recording contract and made a real record... but then we turned that real record into a demo tape to get a major label deal with Reprise records... Then we actually released the real record that we made with them... and it was called The Fourth World... and it failed all around the world...


But it was the best thing that's ever happened to us... Because now everything that occurs in our lives is so much more exciting... so much sweeter... so much more appreciated. Anyway... after that failure we left our record label... left our management... left everyone... and we were back to being just four guys renting out rehearsal time to get ready for the gig they had booked for themselves at the Roxy on Sunset... I'm sure if any of you are in bands right now that are just starting up... you can understand what that feels like...

Now, for us at this point... in 1999... we felt like we'd been cleansed by the fire... we were older... We'd gone to some college, Ryan and Mickey to UCLA, and Adam and I to a tiny music school in Long Island, NY. We were starting from scratch as a band... except we'd gotten some experiences under our belt... so we were better... and more focused... and we were changing styles... and I was playing keyboards, not guitar, and so we needed to add somebody to the band... and Guess who we added.

James Valentine.

His band Square had won a midwestern Battle of the Bands... beating out 6,000 other acts... and they had all moved to LA to follow the rock and roll dream... James heard about our band and came and saw us play... and for some audacious reason, he decided that he wanted to join our band... and since we had just started looking for a guitar player, the timing was perfect. James arranged for his band to open for up for us... and once we saw him play we were blown away. Not only did James fit in musically with our band perfectly... but our personalities were so similar it was as if we'd all grown up together. It was difficult for him to leave his band... but it was the right decision for him to make for many reasons, and the other two guys from Square are still playing music in other bands... So our story continues...

Now, naturally... with James in the band... and everything being different we said goodbye to Kara's Flowers.
That band was dead, and Maroon 5 rose from the ashes...
We recorded a demo CD with our new incredible manager who was childhood friends with Adam... and then we used it to attract attention from labels... and after looking into a lot of labels we finally met with Octone records, and they immediately turned out to be the best place for us. We recorded Songs About Jane at the end of the year 2001... and once it was done in February of 2002, we started touring... and we haven't stopped since then... exactly two years of almost non-stop touring... And here we are today. in New York to record a song for a very special tribute album, and to tape a performance on Saturday Night Live.

February 6th, 2004 was the 10 year anniversary of Kara's Birthday... the day that set this whole band in motion... And it was on that day exactly 10 years later that Songs About Jane was certified as a platinum selling album. The timing of that huge event was mind boggling... it was so beautiful and symmetrical, or cyclical... you could say balanced... But whatever you want to call it... it's all very exciting. There are so many people to thank... good Management, good Record Label, good Lawyer, good Agents, good crew on the road with us... the list goes on and on.... But I want to start with our parents who we couldn't have done it without... And I especailly want to thank all the parents for being so understanding that music was what we wanted to do... and not placing any pressure on us to choose different types of lives. These are my best friends... and this is the life that we're living together. I hope you're having a good day. Love jesse.

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