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a taste of M

M: shitt, godamn i hate popups
me: lol i love the ones that say "stop pop ups now!" HAHAHAH
me: and it's a pop up itself
M: haha yah i know , i don't know whether to laugh or cry when i get one of those

M: u know every valentine's its like i somewhat evaluate my relations with women
M: and realize how bad it is
M: and i also make plans to improve but then next valentine's roll around again haha
me: hahahah now what does that tell you lol
M: haha it tells me i lack the desire to improve
M: i'm nothing more than a fungus, when it comes to relationship lol
me: hahahah wtf
M: man, the thing is
M: i'm your typical nice guy
M: actually wait, i'm not so nice to ppl
me: whaa? yuo?? LoL jk
M: haha
M: i am a mean nice guy haha
me: LOL wtf is that
M: haha a fungus
me: hahahahahah

M: i must've signed up for some sort of mailing list one time or another
M: because i get all these emails about relationships
M: and why men fail with women
M: and everytime i read it im like "oh my god!! that's so tru!!"
me: LOL you're such a girl
M: maybe that's my problem, i'm preying on the wrong sex
me: you mean you should like be gay? LOl
M: haha at least im comforted to know that Boston's court just made gay marriages legal. So now i can enjoy the tax benefit of being married

M: i wanna be in SF right now so i can play ball lol
me: wha?!
M: haha u know nice weather, play b-ball
M: ay yay
me: it's cold lol
me: well, not as cold as over there
me: but still cold
M: haha cold?
M: u mean its 40
me: yeaaah
M: haha that's pretty warm
M: remember how i told u like a month ago , it was like 0 degrees with wind chill of -30
me: yeah lol
M: as soon as u step outside, your hand just get frozen stiff
M: i started storing food out on the porch because it is colder than my fridge haha

M: u gotta come to boston and experience the coldness
M: its crazyyy
M: i can't believe its so nice in SF lol
me: wtf
me: you should coem to sf and experience the "nice" weather
M: ooh, don't you worry. Once of these days i shall

i'll be looking forward to it.
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