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i just did my tax return. fucking ah, they are holding a lot of money from me. that's almost like one of my fricking paychecks LOL wtf. i'm just glad i'm getting it whoo hoo. but damn i'm so broke right now hahah oh wells.

today was supposed to be one busy day. but an unaware heavy rain stopped by this morning... SOOOo weird. it was so big that it flooded many roads and even my school ahahahahah i'm not sure what happened but the electricity went out. and so all classes were canceled. even the night ones. the once a week onces. and i called my teachers jsut to make sure. so yeah. it like changed everything.

1. i had a midterm this evening, but it's being postponed to next weds... because it's a once a week thing
2. my review for today for my midterm for coming monday, has been postponed to monday, since it's only a MW class... and my miderm has been postponed to the week after lol

and with all the free time, i get to finish other things i've pulled off. for example, i...

1. bought bus tokens with my almost expired commuters check
2. got a haircut and dyed it ;D
3. did my tax returns.
4. played texas holdem with kevin.

and talking about that, i'm not too sure who won. because i was leading but SOMEONE *ahem* had to cheat LOL and then we sorta lost count in the points. but i think we got it on track? but yeah i still won LOL and then we did another game and i lost. so i guess i lost? LOL

now i would stop by work to eat dinner witheric but my tax return held me up. so if i took the bus, i wouldnt make it. and no one would drive me! lol sorry eric ;( but anyways. that's that. today was still a productive day right? lol


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