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ex's are stoOoOopid

ok, maybe not all ex's, but one perticular one...

i heard a lot of ppl say that they cannot be friends with their ex's and i always wondered why because i'm still friends with all of them. i mean not all ex's are that bad. i mean my first "bf" (hehe it's in quotes because we were so young and cute hahah) is really cool. everytime we talk to each other again on the phone, it's always a good laugh and a good conversation. he's really fun. but my last ex... is stupid. like stupid as in stooopid. i feel like we argue and annoy each other as if we're siblings or something. i think it's because we were really close after we broke up, never had that "space" after the break up. so, i figured that it's not that you cant be friends with your ex's, just not close friends that see each other a lot. once in a while talks here and there are good. but too close will lead to a lot of arguing and annoyance. well yeah, the worse part of my whole relationship with this ex is that i feel like i have some deep connection with this guy or something and i cant seem to stop talking to him no matter how many times he disappointed me... i'm still here to help if he needed it. and even gave out more, but hardly got the appreication.

wtf... i'm the stupid one!

Tags: past, thoughts

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