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long time no talkie. just wanna say that i took some of those tests and i got a heart of gold for the test of which heart i am and that i write my lj for me LOL ok isnt that cool. i update just to tell you what i got for my tests LOL i'm so lame

on another note, i just like to say that the gavin concert was good. joy and i got to talk to gavin for a little about motorcycles. he said that it's one of his dreams or something. to ride aroudn it. cruising. other than that, i also met matt, the lead singer of the sf local band called kingstreet. the WHOLE band is too nice lol let's just say tho that matt's nice and he's sweet and good looking. like when i first met him, he had a cap on and we talked a little back and forth while he sets up his ... uh.. stuff lol. but he's soooo nice. he kept asking if we're warm. and he even came back just to check up on us. and gave joy a shirt to keep her warm! damn. hot and sweet... not only that.. he's shy too hahaha and did i mention how GOOD he looked without the cap? wtf? it's like he resembles leonardo. hehehe dont be jealous, eric ;P damn he's good looking. looks better in person. bwhaha and he winked at me during the concert. yay. lololol. <3 i'm all "matt" out in this layout

oh yeah, the person that opened for gavin degraw... chris... something. he's like gavin's twin. he looks like gavin... but the older version hahaha plays the keyboard and like even say the same things hahah wtf.

here is a few pics. ----> the independent <----

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