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wtf wtf wtf?!?! it's 330 PM ok. the santa clara tickets were on sale THIS morning at 10. i didnt get it because i had school. so i'm getting it now... and wtf?! the floor's all sold out?!?!?! that's just 5 hours ago. OMG. that's crazy. it must be a small place... or m5 is just a lot bigger than i thought. argh, now i have balcony tickets. ;( but i think we'll get around it. ;) i should've been in the computer lab this morning to buy the tickets and go to class late. shit, should've done that LOL

well so i took my test right. and it's actually a lot easier than i expected. everyone in class kept telling me how they "heard" she gives hard tests. thank god, it wasnt that hard. i guess when you expect the worse, it comes out to be not that bad. in a few mins i gotta go meet up with my group. damn i like the sun and all, but i hate this heat. sf shouldnt be this hot! lol well what can i say? i'm not used to this weather. i'm used to the no season through the year 50F sf weather.... not this... oh wells. maybe utah isnt gonna be as cold ;) wishful thinking. ;D

maybe i should get some ice cream and copy my moo moo.
oh yeah, i have named my cow, moo moo (the icon)
trying to make up the loss for my cow toy a while back hahahah
guess what i named that toy? lol

edited: Boo i forgot we dont meet at four but we meet at five. walked all the way there for nothing and have to walk back. Boo

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