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reno was fun. yes i lost bad. but it's ok. that's what gambling is about. you win some, you lose some. oh yeah, i also realized that i'm an addictive gambler hahahah jk. i think?!?! anyways, sorry to kevin and eric when i didnt wanan leave the table hahaha but i had fun. oh yeah, and thank you guys for winning toys for me! yay! even if i didnt get the one i wanted, it is ok. all the others made up for it. and der, you were missed =)

so anyways, i just finished watching celebrity room raiders with m5. twice. it is so funny. you gotta see it. if i was the girl, i would've known by room three haha but then again, i'm obsessed... she said she is, but i dont think she is lol the guys are always so funny. and i think adam was a little annoyed of the girl lol

right now, i'm talking to martin about it. and i forgot how but he brought up how the guys probably sleep around a lot because a lot of girls would wanna do that. and i mentioned how some of the guys have gfs... and martin said that it doesnt matter hahah and then he told me this:

"guys are all polygamists, we're programmed to be that way. its not because we wish to be unfaithful, but its instinctive. and when it comes that easily, the temptation is too great. (he mentiones kobe) ...especially band rockers, they get the most girls lol they're almost expected to cheat. if they dont , its like a shame to the other band rockers haha"

it's all good. and that is why brian and i have an open marriage hahaah! ;P

and to end it off... quoting martin again, "if i was in a band, i wouldn't tie myself down to one girl like that unless she's really really hot and rich like kobe's girl, but then he cheated too"

haha that's funny

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