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heather is watching that "i want a famous face" right now, the one with britney. so i got intrigue and decided to go watch it too. omg, sick. the whole plastic surgery thing. i think she wanna look like britney because she already resemble her a little. poor thing. i feel bad for her.

but anyways, a newly wed commercial just came on. and my sister was telling me that jessica is so stupid. and how she was offered buffalo wings and she replied with "i dont eat buffalos" LOL and then someone told her, 'they arent actually buffalos' and 'havent you noticed buffalos dont have wings?' LOLOL that's funny

another funny thing, the other day, yesterday lol i was bringing my daughter, der, to go watch a movie with me, taking lives. and apparently it was rated R? i dunno? but we got asked for our ids. (we werent using credit cards) and when i heard that i looked at der. and she looked at me. and she asked the girl, "you mean student ids or CA ids?" and the girl said, "CA id" and so i strugged and gave her my id and she took one look and gave it back to me and didnt even bother to look at der's. hahahaah dude, do i look 16? because apparently, to her i did... you gotta be 17 and older to watch Rated R movies. LOL i havent been asked for my id since... i could remember... well.. not for a movie at least! hahaha the most i ever get is asked for student id for the student discount... for a movie. and i dont remember the last time i was asked for that either! dude, i think i was older than the person that asked too! LOL it was just funny.

and also i found out that my daughter is a kid genius and now she is a junior in high school at the age of 8 HAHAHAHA ok. i'll explain next time why... because this entry is getting too long hehe. and also remind me to tell you my encoutner with an old man today.

OH YEAH, yesterday my dad told me not to eat so late at night because i'll be a "faye po." you know "fat woman" in chinese. and i said, "HOW could you say that about me?!?!" and now today i was walking in front of my parents while they watched tv and my mom said "when did you get such a big stomach?" OK. OMG. from now on, i'm going to start doing sit ups everyday.

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