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oh look! another survey

i love these things

1. Spell your first name backwards: azile
2. The story behind your lj user name: arnogseel - angel rose. it's supposed to be some 3D effect haha seee it? ArNoGsEeL?
3. Are you married? yep ahahah to the bestest person in the world LOL
4. Where do you live? sf, ca
5. 1 word that sums you up: chipper

6. Wallet: what wallet? if you can call it that LOL it's a card holder of chibimaru hehe. "hey what's up"
7. Hairbrush: i have two because i thought i lost my blue one so i got the exact same one that is green hehe
8. Toothbrush: white and green
9. Jewelry worn daily: two rings. one eric gave me, one of moslz ring ;P and the necklace that eric also gave me.
10. Pillow Cover: it's blue with diff colors and sizes dots
11. Blanket: the same color as my pillow case and this small blanket i stole from my sister that is red with diff color strips
12. Coffee Cup: don't drink coffee. <-- ditto, but i do have a cinderella cup that sabrina gave me
13. Underwear: ? the ones i'm wearing? the ones i own? lol
14. CD in Stereo right now: i have no stereo. i dont think LOL
15. Tattoos: nada. but i might get one.
16. Piercings: i'm not too fond of piercings
17. What you are wearing now: my work clothes hehe i better change. so i'm all in black, black turtle neck and black slacks
18. Hair: i have some highlights. looks short but not really...
19. Makeup: i havent wore makeup in a while lol

WHAT (was/is/are)
20. In my mouth: is my tounge... <-- haha
21. In my head: i dunno why but i see the interior of eric's car haha must be in it too often
22. Wishing: that i dont need to sleep ahaha even tho i love it
23. After this: finish my warranty sheet and go to bed
24. Talking to: jarold, brian just left.
25. Eating: nothing
26. Fetishes: i have things for hair on the head lol necks. smell. food. maroon5? hahahah
27. If You Could Get Away With Murdering Anyone, Who Would It Be And For What Reason: no one, i really dont have any hate to kill anyone
29. Is Next to You: uhhh the window? and tv on the other side?
30. Some of your Favorite Movies: a lot to name
31. The Last Thing you Ate: mentos haha left overs from the trip
32. Something You Are Deathly Afraid Of: the dark. sharp knives. loss of a love one
33. Do You Like Candles: wheeeee goooo candddy!! mentos hehe
34. Do You Like Hot Wax: uh, i guess it's ok?
35. Do You Like Incense: depends on what smell hehe some are overwhelming
36. Do You Like the Taste of Blood: uh no. but i do or did have a sleeping pattern of a vampire lol
37. Do You Believe in Love: yes
38. Do You Believe in Soul Mates: yes
39. Do You Believe in Love at First Sight: lust at first sight. haha i had many of those
40. Do You Believe in Heaven: yes
41. Do You Believe in Forgiveness: yes
42. Do You Believe in God: yes.
43. What Do You Want to be Done With Your Body After You Die: i dunno, cremated? then buried LOL hopefully next to a love one. er.. yeah... when they die after me. yeah.
44. Who is your Worst Enemy: i dunno, you tell me?
45. If You Could Have Any Animal for a Pet, What Would it Be: either something small like a puppy or a kitty... or something big like a tigger hehehe
46. Ever Been to Belgium: nope. wanna take me? <-- ditto!
47. Can You Eat With Chopsticks: no i just do it liek everyday
48. What's Your Favorite Coin: the connecticut quarter. i think? the one with the tree? it's pretty hehe
49. What Are Some of Your Favorite Types of Candy: uhhh m&ms. the sour skittles. popable milkyway... who am i kidding? i love them all LOL
50. What's Something You Wish People Would Understand: my obsession over m5 haha
51. What's Something You Wish You Could Understand Better: why some ppl oppose to gay marriage. i try but i dont understand still. FUCKING BU_ _SH_ _

you know what? i wanted a current mood with a smily face that has it's tongue sticking out... and guess what? they dont have one! LOL that's so weird man.

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