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i told someone i was gonna watch that and they thought i'm watching two movies hahaha well anyways, if you wanan go see it and havent yet, this MIGHT be a spoiler to you. maybe. or maybe not? but in general, it's just about erasing someone from your memory. after the movie, i wondered that if i got that opinion, would i do it? and without thinking much, i figured i wouldnt. even if it hurt a lot.. actually... esp. if it hurt a lot. why? well just simply because if it hurt a lot it basically mean that it meant a lot. and to erase that would just change the way you are, you know? and something you cherish, i would think.

anyways, the movie was over all ok. i guess because i kept hearing ppl say that it was a good movie... that i expected a lot. i hate it when i do that. it ruins the movie. but oh wells.

ok, now i think this is a spoiler but anyways in the movie... even tho both jim carey's character and kate winslet's character erased each other from their memories, in the end, they still ended up meeting up and ended up falling in love again. now say that you could eventually erase someone out of your memory and they did the same for you after you guys broke up... and somehow, soemwhere you guys meet again as if you two were total strangers... i think, like the movie, eventually you'll end up falling in love with each other again! lol like a never ending cycle hahah because you fell in love with the person for a reason... almost always a reason that comes up early in a friendship/relationship. and you break up with the person because of a reason later on in the relationship... and if you erase the person from your memory and meet up with them again as if you've never met them, then all you would see is the first reasons why you guys would hook up LOL and of course, wouldnt see the reasons why you break up because that comes later in the relationship. damn does that make sense? because it does in my head, but typing it all out... it doesnt really make sense. but whatever lol. so if that's the case... would it really be a never ending cycle? in the end, would they erase each other from their memories again?!?!

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