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so remember? maybe you do? maybe i've told you? maybe i didnt? well anyways, back in feb, i went to malibu because heather won a contest for this "private" beach concert hosted by hollister. well, the pictures and videos are FINALLY up. and like since my friend and i were VIP and front row, i'm like in 2 of the pictures. out of ten. that's 20% you know LOL haha. funny. and in the video hahah cool. but they mainly, of course, showed the models.

so anyways, moslz are doing that whole roadtrip thing again. and today i think we're all admitting that it's catching up to us. the money issue taht is hahahah. man, it's catching up to me too. or mayeb it just caught me at a wrong time. i cannot afford all this RIGHT NOW! hehe but if you come seperately... preferably bi-weekly... i can do it. really. lol just not ALL at once. goddamn. i wanan do that whole santa clara, san diego, arizona and vegas. but i cant do vegas for sure. even if i had the money. i have an exam on that day. *sad* but we'll see ;P

but yeah, i better go watch the dvd i borrow so i can return it asap. because you know, it's a dollar a day hahahaha

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