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i always wanted to do an april's fool joke on someone, but every year i forget. or do a lame one like today ahahah and what's worse was i did it literally TODAY. like at midnight, when april's fool just ended, i did one LOL i'm like a min late. OH WELLS. basically i was supposed to call my mom to pick me up, but instead of telling/asking her that, i told her, "i'm not coming home to sleep tonight" and she's like "huh? WHY?" hehe

i'm lame ;P

oh yeah, talking about april's fool, on the gavin board, everyone is saying that he got engaged. i'm still a little confused to if that's true or not... just because of the day... and what they say sounded pretty legit... unless A LOT of ppl are joining in for this joke. i dunno. but i'm sure i'll clear out by tomorrow if it's a joke.

anyways, i think it's time for a new layout.
and my nose is bleeding. wtf.

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