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FUCKING AH. so alex always like to IM me when he's playing some kind of fun games right. so he IMed me one day but i was busy so i told him to email it to me. and today while i was cleaning my emails up. i came across it.


apparently.... this is... as usual, an addictive game. asldkfjlasdjldjf worse of all, it's one of those ones where you gotta use your brain. that's right. lol basically you start off in a locked room. you dunno who you are or why you're there. but you are. so you look around the room for things to get you out of the room. click around. click. click. oh hey, i'm out of the room. not that hard. but it's another LOCKED room. so yeah. you see how it goes. and yeah.... i seriously wouldnt be able to beat it if it wasnt for that chatroom there. when i'm really stuck, i ask ppl there for help. sometimes ppl can, soemtimes they cant.

but it is one time consuming game. i beat it yeah. but damn, took me a while... and i got kicked out of the room for swearing hahaha that's funny.

but if you're bored and you like challenges. play it. if you dont have time and hate to think, dont. if you're stuck. you can ask me ;P and i will give you hints... or the answer if you like... that is... if i remember!!!
Tags: time waster

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