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ahhhh!! they are playing at fort mason next saturday! i feel like... kingstreet would help my m5 withdraw... since m5 is in mid may. fricking. i'm excited about fort mason. hahah i was just thinking about them. and matt. drools. hahaah. sweet, cute and shy. fricking. he's from sf too... damn... maybe he's gay. cant be someone like that and have nothing wrong with him. but then again, the album is called "along came lizzy"... unless lizzy is a guy hahahah well der said that lizzy made him gay hahaha hope not ;P not like i'll have a chance. but it's nice to know he's straight. haha

well what's so sweet about him? i think i might've told you? probably did... but i'll tell you again hahah well they opened for gavin at the independent... in late feb. and of course, joy, eric and i were first in line. like... way too early... of course. hahaha and we saw them set up blah blah. and matt kept passing us, getting instruments in the venue, blah blah. and i kept trying to start a conversation because i was bored. and he would be nice enough to ask if we're warm... consistantly... because it's cold. and joy was wearing like pratically nothing! lol jk. well ok it's something but like one shirt. no jacket. so after everything was done and stuff... he came back out to check up on us and when he noticed that joy is still cold, he got her a shirt to keep her warm. like wtf. it must've been a dream...

and joy and sabrina told me that they were really nice to them last weds. FUCKING class... i would've been there if it wasnt for that... they basically would bring other band members out to talk to them. HOW nice. and the drummer gave sabrina his lucky drumstick when she asked haha apparently it's the first drumstick he used to play live, i think? and he said "when you're about to take a test or you feel nervous of something, just touch it, it'll give you good luck" ok i'm done hehe

go check them out. they're pretty good. support local band!

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