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my saturday

went up to davis for picnic day yesterday. congrats to one week hack for winning number one hehehe i mean why spend the whole year making the mouse when our guys can make one within one week with no sleep?!?! they must be some intelligent guys... you know... from lowell and all... *roll eyes* haha jk! imagine them really spending a year to do this! probably create a new aibo... but instead of a dog, it's a mouse hahah. anyways, good job guys. i'm proud. sorry that i missed the beginning. :\ but picnic day was fun ;D

well so i realized something yesterday. it's kinda weird. after saying our goodbyes and we're in the car leaving... i just realized how weird it is for brian and i to call each other husband and wife when we really hardly know each other lol (maybe all marriages are like that? haha) and it's a mutual thing too, not a one-sided thing. and we dont mind at all! i guess maybe if we were close friends, it might've been even weird (in a bad way) for us to call each other that? but i just realized how this relationship/friendship is so special haha. but yeah, i always find it amusing telling ppl how we're married haha and hearing brian say, "that's my lo po" haha

and i think because of that, brian now has a soft spot in my heart hahahah and yes, our daughter also have a place in my heart too haha you are not left out. mommy loves you haha

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