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short update

because i need to sleep. i said it before and i'll say it again.

I.LOVE.NEW.LOCAL.BANDS. esp ones that are nice hehehe

everytime i close my eyes, i see:
-matt waving at us when he saw us
-matt showing us that he could juggle
-matt sitting next to me, asking me, "so what song should be on the set list?" while he writes on a napkin LoL
-matt lying down on the grass in front of me, with his cap covering his face. (!!!)
-elliott giving us a blanket for us to sit on so we wont get grass stains on our clothes
-group pictures!
-matt telling me, "you know if we get big, you'll able to go back stage because you were one of the first fans" ;D
-"stop taking pictures of me" as he covers his face with his cap, "you make me feel self concious"
-joy telling him "you're gonna have to get used to it when you get 14 year old fans" and seeing matt roll his eyes!
-finding out who Lizzy is, where the name Kingstreet came from and asking him about "Bestfriend" hahaha
-seeing his reaction after i asked him about "bestfriend" LOL
-chilling with them for 2 hours!

i know some might say that it's like i'm cheating on m5. m5 is m5 and kingstreet is kingstreet. but just the fact that matt kinda hits me and tells me "i'll be back" before he leaves. the fact that he asked o and i to help him with the set list. and what he said about going backstage... i mean... you and i both know no matter how many times we go see m5, for those things to happen to us with m5 is very slim to none.

i love m5, but kingstreet gives me a different level of happiness. lol why cant i have two favorite bands? lol

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