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so. wheee. i see kingstreet tomorrow. *happy* less than 24 hours yo! i feel like a 14 yr old all over again. loving nick carter or something hahah actually brian was my favorite. altho i did fall in the nick carter trap also. but yeah, anyways, i feel like a teeniebooper all over again everytime i see matty. dude. i gotta stop it. i'm no teen anymore. in a couple of years i will be 10 yrs older than that hahaha it's like i have those high school crushes with the good looking jock or something LOL.

but yeah. their music is good too. listen to them! www.kingstreetcrossing.com. i'm spreading the love. been trying to get friends to go to the concert with me. *ahem* hope they come. *ahem* lol and the fact that they are so nice, makes me want to see them more. it's those experiences. i cant get enough.

dont look for me tomorrow. i'll be working in the morning and seeing kingstreet at night. bwhahahah you can call me tho lol (yeah i need a new kingstreet icon)

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