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i love it. skldjlsasdfasdfdjkf i love it. he made out "wait and see" to me! yay. they are SO nice. kljflasdasdfsadfjf uh yeah. ok let's get some thoughts out.

-seeing eliot in a suit
-having them sit down on our table, talking to us
-eliot's story of the day: wedding, bride's letter, ex story
-seeing matty's license
-another group pic!
-crack lady
-tisha, you, me, let's go!
-selling merch! whee!! we did good sales today!
-looking at digital pics with matty
-seeing matty make faces at pics of himself
-seeing matty do a monster look everytime he sees a pic with red eyes
-me asking matty to play "wait and see" and having him say that it's for me!
-seeign matty put on my bag! haha
-having matty get everyone to autograph their poster and giving it to us
-"do you want me to make it out to you?" "no, it's ok, only if you want." "i'll make it out to you" "do you remember my name?" "dont tell me! dianne?" "no!! that's the other girl you just talked to!" puts his arm around my shoulders, "let's get aquiantence" "it's eliza" "I KNEW IT! OMG! I DO! when you email me, i know it's you! i owe you SO much!" "no it's ok" "no i owe you! let me buy you beer next time"
-matty putting both his hands on my shoulders when i was squating down hehe
-tim and eliot saying goodbye to us
-hugs, i love hugs
-tim remembering that i wanted to play pool with him, and asked for a raincheck

awesome. this is awesome. there's so much more. but it's late. change later if needed. yeah they look so much better in person. tisha concors LoL everyone should go see them play. tues. haight st. 830pm. see you there! uh that's all i remember, they'll email me the place. and i'll tell ya, ok?!? lol

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