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so yeah. another update on them. i should be writing this really easy paper. SO easy. but i'm stuck on this new message board. kingstreet. of course =) hahaha so yeah almost all their fans post on this. it's so cool. LOL but yeah their fan base only consists of 6 ppl including myself LOL and of course, one of the fans made it lol but it's good. it's all good. i think we're gonna tell the guys about it. and they'll probably post on it too =) i'm whoring like a maniac

anyways, i think "wait and see" gotta be my favorite song. currently. why? well because everytime he sings the chorus, my heart does flip flops. when he goes, "where would you run? where would you hide?" it's weird. i get this weird feeling and i'm like *melts* and *dies* then listen to it all over again.

yeah. help me. lol
you gotta go to the acoustic show this Tues! 5/4.
i will be there. YOU should be there.
at Haight and Ashbury. 830 PM. see you there

OH YEAH. as promised. a better pic. from yesterday.

what i tell you? ADORABLE>

why dont you wait and see what you've done to me

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