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KSt. 5/4. Club Deluxe. Good times

the acoustic show was good. whoa, rock star sounds good acoustic too hehe. i have it stuck in my head now. i wish they did "wait and see" tho. but it's ok. lol. so let's see. here we go again. highlights:

-matty sitting down with us and looking at megan's sidekick
-talking about their video with tim
-"someone from north carolina told me they heard about us through you" LOL wtf
-ohhh the untouchable touchs me everytime he passes me, either a tap or a light elbow ;) i touched the untouchable LOL
-hearing matty do "uh uh" during "do you believe" when he usually does "eee hee" hahaha
-having matty signal a hug to me when we said our goodbyes
-i love hugs
-them giving us flyers
-customized flyers with notes on them ;D <3 eliot
-kingSTREETeam (LOVE IT)
-posters to pass out
-5 words: chicken suit with kingstreet shirt LOL
-SP's version of "more than words" LOLOLOL
-blake's artistic drawings
-henry. enough said LOL
-"where is the delete button on this thing??" after showing eliot pics i took of him LoL
-"that pool game will definitly happen"
-sharing sips of drinks with tim
-seeing matt's disappointed face when i joked how i gotta leave before the show
--then seeing his disappointed face when we mentioned how we probably cant make it to their cd release
-"the cd release is nothing without you guys"

it's late, i'm going to sleep. tomorrow i will be passing my kingstreet love around. even if i cant make it to the cd release... the least i can do is promote it... lol

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