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all matt out

so i was looking at my journal and of course my background caught my attention. i looked at it and it brought me back to the first time i met matty. isnt it cool how pictures could do that? it's like i relived it for a second. like i was there again. standing front row. seeing matty there, bending down and setting up. seeing him look up at me when i talk to him. seeing him wink at me during a jam lol. and remembering lookin at joy after that and her throwing her shirt to me hahahah

good times.

in less than two days. i will go back to where it started. the independent. less than three months ago. and where i was then is not where i am at now. then, i had to get him to talk to me because i'm bored. now, he'll hug me when he sees me. then, i was there for gavin. now, i'm there for kingstreet.

and the best part of it all? they know that.

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