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busy day

this saturday. four thigns are happening that i all wanna do. but they all sorta overlap each other. sucks. but in the end, it all worked out. so this is the four things i planned on doing:

-keep my husband company for his cousin's wedding (starts at 6 to unknown? around 10ish)
-go to a kst concert (at 5 - 6)
-my daughter's graduation dinner (around seven?)
-smith point concert (at 10)

so at first, i managed to get kst into the picture, of course. brian said it's ok if i'm half an hour late to the wedding. so all i gotta do is just jet my ass over to the wedding after the concert. and then i managed to work a lunch instead of dinner with der =) apologies for her because apparently she booked me on that day way in advance and i totally forgot about it. you know, dear, mommy's getting old and my memory is failing me... lol and since i promised brian to go to his cousin's wedding and help him out witt a favor... i cant miss out my cousin-in-law's... wedding... right lol and after the lunch, der will go to watch kst with me! yay! and of course kev will be with us too since he's eating with us bwhahahha! and kev is also nice enough to drive me to the wedding in chinatown =) you are the best!

and i JUST found out that the wedding will probably end around 10... and brian, being the lovely husband that he is, said that we could leave early since we'll be done with the speech and food by 10 anyways. =) that is why i married him bwhahahah lol so i can mke it to smith point... since it's kinda close to the wedding. and brian wanna stay for the show also. hahah too bad kst isnt playing, i wanna convert him over too!

dont you love it when everything works out? =)
now jsut hope that it go as plan *knock on wood*
oh dude dude!
i think this is the best time to use this line...
"nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it"

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