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weekend recap. birthdays

so the weekend was fun. did a lot of stuff. i think a lot of things we did should remain within ourselves hehehe almost reminds me of vegas, "what happened here, stays here" or something like that. but i do noticed one thing, vodka is my least favorite drink alcohol drink. if anyone orders vodka on my birthday, i will personally kill him/her myself. lol i'm staying away from that stuff and so should you =)

talking about my birthday, i have came to a conclusion to this: dinner and then kareoke afterwards. now i just gotta figure out which restaurant and which kareoke place that i can book a room... a big one... hehe where ppl can walk in and out. i plan on making it a small and not so expensive dinner with a big karaoke party (invite everyone!) following.

i know it's a month away but i already know what i want for my birthday. and since it's a pretty pricy gift, i just want money for my birthday, thank you LOL yeah just give me a red envelope and put in how many money you want. it can be anything. just put whatever the amount you are willing to spend on me lol and it'll go towards my saving account... for my... ultimate gift! i gotta blame anthony for this... and maybe a little of denys. if it wasnt for them, i wouldnt want this gift so bad that i would save. (God forbid!) haha i already told my relatives that i wanted money because i wanna save up heheheh so yay

anyways, i was going through my m5 pics to see which ones i wanna scan for this website that heather, </a></b></a>oneworldonelove, was doing... but then i realized that i have a lot of m5 pictures! and they all have weird ass expressions! and i found myself thinking of mood icons for lj (how sad) i start grabbing pictures out and seeing how many expressions i have of the guys... and then when i realized that if i dont stop i'll mess up which pics are for which days, i ended up going on lj to see how i can make my mood theme. you have to pay (well duh, common sense, i know) so now i'm wondering, do i really need to pay so i can put up m5 mood themes? JUST for the theme? hmmm it's only $2/month... that's sooo cheap. but i'm trying to save money and even $25 is gas money for my roadtrip! or part of my savings for my ultimate gift! and i'm paying $25 JUST to get my m5 theme up...

maybe when i am done with the roadtrip and i got my ultimate gift...

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