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today i went to see carlos' graduation. it was funny to see carlos' with all those ballons and stuff. i got a good picture of him with everything lol anyways, what i didnt know was how many ppl are graduating this year. like a lot from hs. everywhere i walked, "OH HEY!" and tons whom i havent talked to since forever. and then mutual freinds of ours going to their graudation. once i've lost touched with.it was nice to see everyone again. but it was also weird to see everyone in the same place.

i think it finally made me realized that we're not kids anymore lol we are talking about grauation here. actually. i didnt graduate this year. altho i could've?! i was told? as long as you have three classes left or less? lol but whatever. i'll do it next year. but anyways. SO many ppl are graduating/graduated this year. even if it's not from state, it's from usf, davis, etc.

man. it's a scary thought. actually.
we're all growning up
but i think it'll really hit me when all my friends are getting married hahah
then we'll be old =P
wait. but i am married!
ahahahah funny
i'm old.

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