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memorial day

what else is there to do on memorial day? well rather than bbq, shopping of course! hehe i did both. yay. so i got these cheap ass cute shoes. yay. i actually saw these really nice ones from sketchers the other day. they fit perfectly. the price is not bad. and it looked really cute on me... but it was FUCKING UNCOMFORTABLE. so i didnt get it. but i found even cheaper one today bwhahahaha

so i shopped around with john, we chilled and talked, it was fun. damn memorial day, all those sales. well i'm not too sure if it's a bad thing ;P but i'm such a girl. i wanted to get anything that's cheap. i didnt care if i needed it or not haha if it looked good and it's cheap, i wanna get it! but i stopped myself! *proud*

then we went to the metreon to pick up mark. this japanese girl was there today. and we stood there for a second listening to her... my god, her singing is REALLY bad. but when we walked to the second floor and looked from there, it wasnt too bad. so maybe... it's... being close... up?!

or. whatever. hahaha

so we went to gerard's house to chill, eat and stuff. it was a relaxing day. should do it more often. =) but yeah, i think i'm comign down with a cold. =(

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