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so i'm back. i guess it's like husband, like wife. i went to vegas and left my wallet at home. ah. ha. good job. oh wells. no gambling for me. which is ok. since i didnt go for gambling. i'm telling ya tho. second hand smoking... sucks. yeah. thank you. i wondered how casinos would be like if it was smoke free?

and now i realized i cant go to the two kst shows i've been looking for to this week. well tomorrow... or tonight... and the saturday one. will probably miss both. well i wont be able to be there when they play. UGH. but hoping they'll start late... which they always do. and i can at least hear one song. or something. bleh. i'll just make an apparence. to say hi? to see them. i miss everyone anyways. megan. joy. tisha. amy. the guys. etc.

and my brother is being an asshole. because we're SUPPOSED to be sharing a car. and you see how it goes. fricking ah, maybe i should start saving money for a car of my own! kinda knwe it was gonna happen, but i wanted to give him the benefit of doubt. UGH. ASSHOLE.

anyways, saw harry potter today. i like this one. it's like you are watching them grow up or something. they look so much older now. and it's cute how love is starting to come part in this. very slowly tho. which i like hahah. maybe i'll get the whole set... when it comes out on dvd hhahahahahaha that's gonna be costy.

OH DUDE, and i got all my grades in today. there must have been some mistake because i could've sworn i was barely passing this one class, but i got an A- on it. like. W.T.F.? oh wells, i'll take it LOL could've sworn i failed the midterm like everyone else. maybe he curved it? oh wells, who cares now hahahaha

and last but not least, i think it's FINALLY, like OFFICIALLY, true, which is kinda scary for me. i dont really know what i want. i mean, i sorta do, but i sorta dont. i kinda like it the way it is now, but i sorta also want something else... and i dunno how it's gonna work out. and it seems like it's one thing but sometimes it could be the other?!?!?!

i'm confused.

and so random

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