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great night

yesterday was great. get to chill with der, lok and kevin for dinner. dinner was good. some free food is good. seeing lok get free veggies was good hahaha then i went to my dad's class, blah blah blah, left early to go to kst.

parking was a bitch.
but whatever.

got there, they were singing already. it was a pretty weird feeling to walk in and see them RIGHT there. i kinda liked it hehe. everyone was on the balcony, so i managed somehow to walk behind the guys and go upstairs. it was nice. the show was good. acoustic. i love it. and then. behold! matt looked up at me and pointed straight at me. and i pointed straight back at him. and then it hit me, "are you gonna play 'my world'?!?!" and he gave me this really cute shrug. and...yes. they did. :D FIRST TIME in a year, they said. WHEEE~! I LOVE IT. (my world is my favorite song on the album and ever since i've met them, i have always asked them to play it but they refused because they havent played it in such a long time)

they also played this cartoon song. and when i went downstairs to hand matty his "mary had a little lamb" cd, also stealing a set list for joy at the same time, i asked them what the cartoon song was called and eliot said, "i dunno? call it the cartoon song." and i asked matty... since he did write it and he said "i dunno, make it up" what?! to be honest at that point i already forgotten how it sounded like =P so i asked "if you let me see the lyrics, i'll name it" and he said "how about 'anything i want'? just make it up" ahahah great!

yes it was a good night. and i finally get to play pool with tim, as promised. so that was good hehe afterwards, joy and i had an awesome "spur of the moment" slumber party hahahaha whooo that's always nice =P

and that was my night.
and guess what?
they played "my world" ;D


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