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you're what?!? engaged?!

omg. guess what i found out today?! my cousin got proposed a few days ago! OMG! this is the same person that i played hide and go seek with when we were younger. the same one i played barbie with. the one who's three years older than me. (good age might i add =P)

dont get me wrong, i am WAY happy for her and NOT surprised at all. she is after all really cute and pretty =P whoever marries her is lucky hahah but it's just another reality hit to me that we're growing up. goddamn. lol AGAIN. i guess it happens when you get older. it keeps coming! like "BOOM" my sister is graduating. "BOOM" my cousin who i played with when i was younger is engaged. what's next?!?! lol

well anyways. it's all good. because two years ago, her, my other girl cousin and i all made bets. whoever marries first have to treat the other two, $700 plane tickets HAHAHAHAHAHAH

pst. and they all say that i'll marry first
and NO, brian doesnt count. =P
they dunno about him

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