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in my mind

i personally think this always pops in a girl's mind when she needed to go out. a guy might think this, but i'm almost certain a girl would, "what should i wear today?" if it's not the night before, it's the morning looking at her closet. that is what i'm doing now. should i wear makeup? i mean, who would i see? but if i'm in this certain area, i might see some certain ppl and then i would wanna look nice... hmm i wonder if it's gonna be cold outside? what if it's gonna be hot inside the place where i'm going? but cold outside? HmMMmMMm then i should wear a jacket. but what if it's hot outside too? then i'll have to carry it. i dont wanna carry it... should i look nicer or just casual or whocares? lol maybe i should wear kapris, but what if it's cold again? is it hot outside? i think what you wear really involves a lot about weather huh lol

and while a thousand thoughts go through my head of what to wear... it wanders off to other things such as how my brother is screaming at me for turing my sub up hahahaha i gotta admit that mine isnt as good as denys, but what can i say, i paid 5 times less than he did haha but then again, i got it at retail price.

i was also talking to someone about how i love bass... and she's telling me how i am the only person she knows that would sound excited about speakers. i am in love with bass. i wonder if there is another person out there that reacts the way i do when i hear good bass. it's like a drug. puts my body in some kind of trance... another reason why i dont need to take drugs hahah it feels RRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYY good. right now i'm sitting here listening to this david tao song and i'm totally feeling limp. it feels really good hahahahah i think if i have to pick what feels really good, this would be one of the following things i'll meniton lol

while at the same time i'm talking to a few ppl of other things. "i'm a vampire" "why are you screaming at someone you dunno?" "so do you want me to burn it to you as a cd or a data cd?" "i'm james and "harder to breathe" "why is your journal friends only?? i always have to sign in to read it" i'm so random.

so *&@^# what do i wear?


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