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davis' graduation

so i went up to davis for a few days to celebrate a few friends' graduation. it's not much. jsut a bunch of chilling with a bunch of ppl i havent seen in a looooong time. meet a few new ppl. it was good. mellow. nice. i like it. and did a lot of things i usually dont do in the city. drinking. swimming. watching ppl play tennis. going to a drinking party with a lot of alcohol but no one drinking haha. getting a house full of guys to watch sex and the city with me hahahaha without asking, might i add. and oh yeah, did i mention i took A LOT of pictures?? and i dunno a lot of the ppl in half of the pictures i took haha. here is one group pic, and i know all these ppl =P:

OH yeah and you see that white thing that they are all wearing? that means they are on the honor roll. max, the dude in the middle, he forgot to bring his. WTF? what's up with all these smart ass ppl?? LOL

yeah, the picture taking was kinda bad hahahah for example, when i go up to take pictures with them, all their freinds and relatives would want copies too. so you dunno who or where to look at and a bunch of "over here, one two three." they are fricking stars LOL

after grad, we all had dinner with everyone and their families. and after that, they got all the grads to sit down at the table and take pictures with everyone, individually haha well you know, one per family. and at the end, it was kinda funny, one of the parents said, "ok, now it's the 'fans' turn" she meant "friends" but it sounded like "fans" with her accent. and i went up to them and said "can i get your autograph?" and edmund reply with, "sure, just get in line" LOL

damn, there wasnt enough room to get everyone in the pic.

dispite the weather was hot and it wakes me up every morning, i had fun =)
congratulations, guys!

edited: i cannot believe i forgot this.... but another thing i did at davis that i usually dont in the city... eat anthony's cooking =) and might i add, it was good hehe oh yeah, he baked too hahahaah

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