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del mar concert

so the trip back south is good. as always. i'm not gonna go into details with the trip but i had fun. STUPID ME LEFT MY CAMERA =( but anyways it was good to meet up with old freinds and meet new friends and their freinds. and it's always good to be giggly and all happy with each other =) the fair was good. and i had the best ice cream EVER. i made a lot of ppl buy it too haha it's non fat vanilla and choclate yogurt in a walffle cone... dipped in chocolate AND with sprinkles. YUM. went to leno, got a picture with him with all of us. all ten of us. lol he said that it was like some bad spice girl audition hahah he made fun of all of us. it's all good. tobey mcguire waved at me =) he looked over my area and i waved at him and he looked at me as if no one ever waved at him in his life and waved back... and got everyone that sat around me's attention and waved at him LOLOLOL that was funny. and yeah, he's so much better looking in person. short tho lol

OH here are some funny things i saw during the maroon5 concert:
1) a girl throwing her bra up on stage, but because the stage is so high, she missed. then at the end of the concert, asks for it back, and throws it up again LOL this time made it... but had a tech guy throw it back down LOLOLOL
2) a girl throwing a picture of her with maroon5 on stage, with a message behind the picture... after the concert... and having a tech guy thought it belonged to one of the guys... and throw it back down stage for the fans... and watching the fans LITERALLY fight for it... to a point that a security guard said, "she's the one that got it first!!!" LOL
3) a girl crying at a concert... damn... when a fan like me thinks that's funny... that's just sad lol and i swear i think she was crying because adam was singing... hahahahah!
4) seeing ppl fight over adam's towel... dude, it's a towel...

i FINALLY got jesse's guitar pic. YAY. it's green =)
btw, my new slogan is "IT'S NOT THAT I'M TRYING TO SCREAM AT YOU!! I'M JUST HALF DEAF!!" yeah, i think from now on i should wear earplugs for concerts =( and maroon5 is on the spiderman 2 soundtrack. "woman" wheee! but i dont like this version... i like the other one better =\

P.S. i'm deciding whether or not i should get a haircut to a little below my chin or let it grow till around my chest. what do you think?

What should i do with my hair?

cut it!!
grow it out!!

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