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shopping spree

my god. i havent shopped in a long time. yesterday, weaver and i were just killing time and so we just walked around... and came across... express... i was once an express girl. everything i wore was express. from top to bottom to underwear lol but their style changed a little and everytime i go into that store, i dont have the urge to even try on anything. it's a good thing for me lol

yesterday i went all out. i walked into express and i saw this sweater top i really like!! i had to try it on. then while i walk towards the dressing room, i grabbed this jean pants because i decided i needed new ones anyway. that outfit was PERFECT. i HAD to get it. and the jeans were buy one get the other second off. so i HAD to get another jean. there goes all my money LOL i'm planning on wearing that *PERFECT* outfit for my birthday party. it's ok, we can still go shopping before my party for clothes, just not for me, for you. i'll help look heheh

and then i went into urban outfitters and got this cap for jesse because i really think he'll like it and got weaver a shirt, that i know he really liked =P and then we walked into gap. i saw the COOLEST scarf. i HAD to get that also! but i couldnt find a color i like. weaver suggested red since i like red so much... but they didnt have any =\ then i saw this hat that was really cool! but they ran out of my size with the color i liked. so i didnt get anything there...

but as i got online, </a></b></a>thegame15 mentioned something about friends and family for gap. so yeah, i went online to see if they have the color i want for my hat, i found my size and apparently they also had the scarf i like in red! so i got both LOL 30% off, thanks kevin =)

heheheh fun. but i had a big bag from express.. so... i asked weaver to take the clothes to his house for me LOL because... i dont want my mom to scold me when she sees it. and i just bought the cap and one jean home... discreetly heheh she hasnt seen it yet

i'm so bad. shopping is so bad


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