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i'm a collector

so i collect dvds and books all the time. books that i'll never read... or start reading but never finish... and dvds that i watch all the time. but i just dont always randomly collect books and dvds... of course... like everyone else, most of the time, i have a little theme... or something. a lot of you already know that i collect edward norton dvds... be it a good movie or not... i also collect sex and the city dvds.(still waiting for season six part two... grrr damn them for spliting the season up) i have collected all of alex cross's series of books... but i havent read them yet... of course...

well yesterday i got my "sex and the city: kiss and tell" book =) it's about the characters and all six seasons. and sometimes they would have some small summary of each episode for a season or two... and some of them have quotes with them too. one of them, i thought was really funny. ironic probably too.

this is after carrie slept with the guy and they are on the bed talking. she meant him at a her therapist office

carrie: so why are you in therapy?
seth: i'm really fucked up about women. after i sleep with them i completely lose interest. what about you? what's yuor problem?
carrie: i pick the wrong men

and today i was planning on watching the whole sex and the city... all six seasons all over again... since i have nothing better to do... especially after going through "kiss and tell"... but someone has some of my dvds *ahem* lol jk. and now i'm watching "red dragon" ah, i love edward norton.

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